Cimarron release new album Orinoco

Cimarron release new album Orinoco

Orinoco is finally out! And critics are freaking out about it! Or is it only us freaking out? Billboard and Pop Matters reviewed our new album and we want to share with all this happiness and a few amazing quotes.

As you already should know, Orinoco is an exploration of indigenous American and African sounds from the Orinoco River with a contemporary production concept that goes from the acoustic to the electronic.

Pop Matters said that Cimarron is "representing modern Colombianness and rendering a more idealized, rural interpretation". “The ensemble's technique and arrangements are impeccable, but what sets them apart on Orinoco is a sense of embodiment that translates surprisingly well from the Grammy-nominated group's live shows to their recordings. It almost feels like a live album, so responsive are the various members to each other's cues. The percussion section features not only instruments from Colombia and its neighbors - maracas, cajón, surdo, and tambora - but stomp dancing, driven forth by the perpetually moving strings of the harp, bass, and guitar-like cuatro”, writes Adriane Pontecorvo.

Billboard highlighted that “the 10-track set teems with thick textures of global instrumentation and a contemporary resonance of the hard-driven joropo -- a musical genre and dance from the plains of Venezuela and Colombia, with the Orinoco River as center stage. Orinoco is as a materialization of time with a wide-ranging sound overflowing with a striking percussive harmony and stringed instruments such as the harp, which serve as the backbone of the album”.

Orinoco's promotional tour will take us to USA this summer! Right now we have confirmed dates at Newport Folk Festival, Lowell Folk Festival, American Folk Festival on the Bangor Waterfront, Kennedy Center, Music Haven Concert Series and other venues on Massachusetts, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Baltimore, Boston, Burlington, Nashua. See you there!

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