New Release: Amazing video filmed on Amazonian rainforest

New Release: Amazing video filmed on Amazonian rainforest

Hope you enjoy this amazing music video filmed at the top of Mavecure mountains in the depth of the Amazonian rainforest, same location as the Oscar-nominated Colombian movie “Embrace of the Serpent” (2015).

Our new single “Tonada de la Palomita” is a milking-song from the Plains of Colombia featuring the sound of an old indigenous deer-skull whistle never seen before out of Latin America. This video was directed by French filmmaker Jeremiah, who has worked with indie bands such as The Do, Of Monsters and Men, Tinariwen, Ballaké Sissoko and Sophie Hunger.

We are so happy! Our new album, Orinoco, will be available next May 17 and our USA summer tour have now confirmed dates at Newport Folk Festival, American Folk Festival in Bangor Waterfront, Lowell Folk Festival, Kennedy Center in Washington and other venues in New York, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Baltimore.



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