“Caballo Viejo” reviews by Billboard and NPR

“Caballo Viejo” reviews by Billboard and NPR

Cimarrón is back with some new music for 2019. The first new offering of the Colombian roots band is a cover of the traditional folk song “Caballo Viejo”, worldwide known as “Bamboleo”, 80’s hit from flamenco group Gipsy Kings.

Just after their release, Billboard reviewed “Caballo Viejo”.

"Returning 'Bamboleo' of Gipsy Kings fame to its origins, the Colombian roots group Cimarrón pays tribute to Venezuelan country music great Simón Díaz, the composer of the song originally titled 'Caballo Viejo'. Cimarrón’s raw and infectious acoustic versión of this Pan-Latin classic features cuatro, cajón, the arpa llanera and the mandolin-like bandola”, said Judy Cantor-Navas from Billboard.

Cimarrón’s “Caballo Viejo” is too one of the favorites Latin songs on NPR.

"With a nod to the Gypsy Kings megahit 'Bamboleo', this Venezuelan acoustic retro folk outfit digs into a tribute to a classic composition by the iconic Venezuelan songwriter/musician Símon Díaz. The emphasis is on authenticity and the video that accompanies the song is a simple but direct depiction of the song. That's pretty much what you can say about Maestro's Diaz's music; direct and from the heart", said Felix Contreras from NPR.

Here you can enjoy “Caballo Viejo” video and an special Spotify playlist for millennials:


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