Cimarrón drops new video for Ponle pasión

Cimarrón drops new video for Ponle pasión

Cimarrón dropped this 15th June the official music video for “Ponle pasión”, latest single of their new album Orinoco.

The Colombian band from the Plains of the Orinoco River embraces urban style on this video, directed by Colombian journalist Pedro Samper (Aj+, Univision, Project Earth) and documentarist Felisa Jiménez Quintero (Señal Colombia Award for her documentary Socotra: Once & Today).

In “Ponle pasión” (Put it passion), singer Ana Veydó (vocalist) and Carlos Rojas (harpist) walk over Bogotá streets and perform at a market place, a mountain viewpoint and in front of Colombia Congress.

Clouds passing by and skyscrapers introduce the opening scenes. A Cimarrón joropo dancer make a stunning stomp dance in different places of the city. Faces of immigrants, tourists and locals appear as a groovy chorus and happiness takes over Bogotá.

Cimarrón will announce a tour in the upcoming days to continue promoting their latest project, Orinoco.

“Ponle pasión” is now available in Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Tidal, Napster and all digital platforms.

This band has released two studio albums with Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, U.S world music record label.

Enjoy “Ponle pasión” in Cimarrón’s Youtube channel:


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